Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Beauty Box Swaps!

I discovered a great page on FaceBook that's dedicated to swapping any unwanted beauty items received in our monthly beauty boxes ie: Carmine, Feel unique, Glossy box, Boudoir Privé & Amarya!!

This is a great idea as some of us might not like the colour of the lipstick or eyeliner we receive and now we have a chance of swapping these items with other people!! Personally i have had about 15 successful swaps with the girls on the page! Not one person as let me down!!! I did have a few that pissed me off as they were all up for swapping then just never replied! oh well you win some you lose some! Right?

we've all started to swap random make up items and beauty products we have round the house we don't use as well, which is great as i have more make up then I'd know what to do with!!

I Believe this page is the best thing since sliced bread!

Hugs N kisses


  1. great blog hun keep up the posting and i lookforward to hearing more from you xx

  2. Thank you hun!! Im following your blog now tooo! Looks great! x

  3. :D Love your blog, Nardine! Can't wait to read more and maybe see your impressive makeup collection in all its glory.

    PS- cute cat!

  4. Awwwww guess what!! you know it was you that inspired to do this!!! i've been uming and aring for months and this morning i was thinking what the hell... why not......whats the worse that could happen lol So i THANK YOU becca! x :D

  5. Great blog, loving the pics of your cute pets! x

  6. Really glad you've started to blog Nardine,
    I only started last month, so it's all very new to me too :)
    Good luck, its really fun, and I'm sure you'll love it,