Sunday, 29 July 2012

Friday's Haul

1- Stila whiting foundation in shade E from POUNDLAND for £1
2- Sally Hanson Colour Quick Chrome in silver from Poundland for £1
3- Essie duo pack polish from TKMAXX 
(Ridge filling base coat & status symbol) for £7.99
4- Revlon Just bitten kissable balm stain in Darling 
(a beautiful pinky lilac colour) £5.99

Been shopping lately? I do every Friday before work as i don't start till 1pm lol and i got to pass 101 shops before i get there and just cant help me self lol....

Hugs N Kisses

Nails of the Weekend!

I LOVE this amazing Barbie Pink from Essie called "Status Symbol" I picked this up from TKMAXX on Friday, came in a duo pack with a Ridge filler base coat, all for an amazing £7.99!!! Bargain or what?!
Whats your favourite Essie colour? 

p.s. Looks amazing with my new doggy tan! :P ( I say doggy as its only my top half that's tanned with strap marks lol, due to our doggy summer!)

Hugs N Kisses

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

French Jolie box...

So when my June Joliebox finally turned up i had a card in it saying i had won a French JolieBox wahooooo! And Here it is:
I believe its the French January box 2012

First item on the little menu is: Clarins Gloss prodige in "CANDY"- Its a very cute mauve pink, great colour for the lovely summer months! (Shame I'm not a lipgloss person) - mini sample size

Second Item on the menu is: Lierac Energizing smoothing cream for early wrinkles and fine lines (This is defiantly something i will use and prob love, i maybe only 26 but them fine lines are sure creeping up on me!) - 15ml

Third Item is: Natura Brasil (Full size item) A foot and leg cream! simples Again perfect for summer! :) - 100ml

Fourth item is: Roger Gallet spf 15 Hands & Nails cream another full size item RRP £8.00 - 75ml

And Last but not least is: Singuladerm Physiodefence SPF 20 Hydrant cream - a great cream for dehydrated skin with spf, perfect for moi ! :) These were two little 5ml samples.

As a bonus item i received a small year 2012 diary (witch is in french) but its cute and easy to throw in my bag for note taking etc! :)
I absolutely love my french box!! so Thank you so much for my free prezzie Jolie Team!!!

Hugs N Kisses

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Nails of the Weekend!

A simple but summery nail this weekend for moi! 
I love this duo chrome Models Own in Indian Ocean! 
In Natural Light

Hugs N Kisses

Monday, 16 July 2012

Beauty box for mums to be...

I just found a new beauty box with a twist!

Each Beauty Bundle is designed to help mums-to-be and new mums discover new products for mum and baby, whatever stage of pre or postnatal pregnancy they are in.

We know that you don’t always have the time or the energy to go shopping, so let us put together the perfect pamper package and deliver it directly to your door.

Simply let us know babies due date or birthday on subscription and leave the rest to us. Baby has already arrived? Don’t worry! The bundle keeps on giving even after you are a parent & will include some surprises for baby too!

Treat yourself to one of the packages below or purchase one as a gift. You will receive an email from us and your gifted box will come with a personal message from you.

So are you a mum to be? what do you think, would be great for expecting mums and new mummies as a gift :) if you've ever got a box or you're sub'ed to them let me know, what you think of them and what there service is like 

Hugs N Kisses

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Nails of the Weekend!

China Glaze - Purple panic (Neon) & Glacier
I just put a base coat on x2 (purple panic) then used the glitter polish and dabbed it on the edge, simples!

Hugs N kisses

Lacura Beauty

So i was on my way home from North London and come across Aldi so i decided to have a wonder in and i remember reading a few blogs about the Aldi brand Lacura Beauty, so i decided to pick up a few items, first thing i picked up was there foundation in 40 bronze, which is there darkest shade. I also picked up a Power Blush in 76 Sunset, This is a lovely colour, great for an every day look. The packaging is very simple but nice not cheap looking yet only cost me £2.39 each!! BARGIN I think!

So i decided to test out the goods for the day

<<< So sorry for the ugly picture , but as you can see i have dark circles, red patches and uneven skin tone... by the way i don't use canceller, I just cant be arse to be honest + it just seems to cake up on me, even when using high end brands like MAC and Illamasqua.

This is my finished face, What ya think? >>>

I think the coverage is amazing and this is just the foundation on, nothing else  i.e setting power or a primer base. 

The foundation seems to cover all my uneven skin and redness. 

I give this a 10/10 for an Inexpensive foundation. 
I didn't need to touch up or reapply for the day, it lasted about 6 to 7 hours perfect on my face and the formula was perfect for my skin type as I have dry patchy skin and some foundations just seem to cake and crack after an hour.

As for the Blush, i love the colour and it lasted me about 6
hours with out the need for reapplying.

I will defiantly be going back to buy more from this brand and I cant wait to test out other shades of the blush and maybe pick up some eyeshadow as well as maybe the skin care range :)

Lacura Beauty foundation in 40 bronze
Lacura Beauty powder Blush in 76 Sunset
HD Brows palette in Vamp
Mac Of Summer satin eye shadow
collection 2000 Extreme 24 hour felt tip liner in black
Make up forever smoky lash mascara in extra black
Origins brow fix
Elysambre Lipstick in shade 204 ( from my JolieBox )

So Ladies what do you think? Have you tried this brand? Would you? Let me know your thoughts :)

Hugs N Kisses

Wednesday, 4 July 2012


Betrousse: A New French Beauty box full of Full size great brands and products. Postage is a little pricey £5 but knowing your getting full size products makes up for that fact, on your first order you also get £3 off, witch is a bonus :) There are three boxes for the month of July to chose from:

I chose The Must Haves box and its amazing, i will use everything, this box is worth £131 and i only picked it for for a tinny fee of £21 including postage :) AMAZING!!!
Pure Papaya Ointment - 25g £9.99
LPG ( Aqueous Cellulite Detox Serum )- 100ml £41
Oceange ( Anti Age Cavir Night Cream )- 1.17fl.oz £60.60
Ostraly ( Moisturizing Tea Tree Oil Cream )- 250g £18.80
Bacti Control ( Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer )- 60ml £1.30

This is defiantly one beauty box i'll be buying over again as its amazing, you get to see what your getting before you buy and you defiantly get a great value for your money!

Hugs N Kisses

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Nixoderm for skin problems!

Nixoderm, Have you tried this? what do you think? was browsing though Ebay as i always do... was looking for something for my skin problems (I have dry patches on my face with the off spot outbreaks and redness), but didn't want to spend a fortune, I then came across this:
At first i thought it looks a little doggy but then i googled some reviews about this and read loads of good things so i through ah why not?! So i went ahead and brought one from HERE. It turned up 2 days later and first thing i did was open it and take a big sniff of it! W.O.W (word of warning) DO NOT DOT THAT! lol brought tears to my eyes. It has a very strong funky fishy/moth ball smell, not very pleasant at all.

benzoic acid 6%, titanium dioxide 10%, salicylic acid 2.5%, menthol 1.1%, precipitated sulphur 4.6%, in a smoothing emollient base.

Instructions: Bathe affected parts in warm water with mild or toilet soap. Apply nixoderm leberally night and morning rub in gently. for delicate skin, dilute with petroleum jelly. 

Due to the strong smell and thick consistance i will only use this before bed, but only on nights the hubby isn't home as he did give me a funny look n asked me if i was trying to get rid off the moths from  the flat! That night i had a huge spot on my chin :( ugly thing big and red, wasn't nice one bit so i stick some of this stuff on and went to bed next day the spot was nearly gone! not red any more nor did it hurt or needed squeezing (i kno i kno your not meant to squeeze spots), i also have two large  patches on my face where its always dry and this stuff is starting to help that nicely :) so in just a few days of having this stuff i give it a 9/10 as it is defiantly a miracle worker on my skin, Cheap and effective only downfall is the smell :) Let me know what you think?! Have you tried this? Cant go wrong for less then  £2.50!

Hugs N Kisses