Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Oh How I Love My Graze Boxes!

Yum Yum Yum

And this is what came through my door this morning!! 
yum yum yum

They sent me two gift vouchers for 2 free boxes per voucher!

I believe you have to be a new member to you receive the free boxes so if you haven't signed up yet and you want to try them out let me know and I'll send you the voucher or just the code if you cant wait that long!!
 If you don't like them you can always cancel your subscription after your second free box! 
So nothing lost and lots to gain!! 

Hugs N kisses


  1. I am also i big Graze box fan yummy healthy food what more could we want? Helps to keep me on the right track too as i have lost 4 stone and have another 2 stone to go xx

  2. And may i add my Daughter loved the little snowman figure we got this week :D xx

  3. Thats great huni! congrats!!! Im on the right track too.... this is all i snack on apart from fresh fruit!! :D

  4. haha im gonna give my snow man to my god daughter, hope she likes it! xD xxx

  5. could i have a voucher code? :D my housemate gets them and always makes me jealous :(

  6. yeah sure huni... do u want me to post it or just email the code? let me know huni xxx

  7. Thank you hun :) and that is great. Best of luck too you darling xx

  8. I love graze - stops me snacking on bad things! x

  9. My mum use to gets these little boxes all the time. Not really my thing lol but I think it's a brilliant idea.

    Really like your blog, hope you don't mind me following.



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