Saturday, 21 January 2012

My first Haul! - Illamasqua

Hiya Beauties!
I was Reading some lovely Blogs the other night and came across Kayleigh's blog and tottaly fell in love with her mini illamasqua haul so what did i go and do? Jump right on the band wagon and  went shopping on and this is what i got!! I love EVERYTHING i ordered!!!! so worth it!

First Thing i ordered was a cream eye shadow in wail 
RRP - £15.50
Sale Price - £5
Beautiful colour, creamy but matte in the fact theres no glitters so perfect for day time and as a a base!

Second item was a matte lipstick in Drench  
RRP - £15.50
Sale price - £7.50
I love this lipstick, lasts ages and so smooth and creamy and doesn't not dry out your lips unlike other matte lipsticks!! Will defiantly be buying more!!!

Third was a Fat pencil in Perverse  
RRP - £13.00
Sale price - £5.00
This colour is beautiful, would look great all over the lids. Reminds me a little of the mac shade sticks but a better!

Forth and fifth were illumine oil in 
Volt (silver) & Pulse (gold)
RRP - £32.00
Sale price £7.50 - Each
Not greasy at all and lovely on the skin, perfect for summer time on the legs or arms, and would be perfect on a night out if u fancy a bit of sparkle and smells amazing!  

Was also given a free sample of the New Freak perfume witch i love so its a bonus!!

I hope you've enjoyed this post, and im sure there will be more blogs like this if you would like, just let me know.......

Hugs N Kisses


  1. Great haul, I still haven't tried any Llamasqua products, but more tempted after this post :D xx

  2. If u was just to try one thing my advice the LIPSTICK!!!! its up there with the MAC's!!!! so creamy and smells sooo nice!!