Saturday, 24 March 2012

11 Questions

Hiya Beauties!
I've been tagged in an 11 question post by the lovely Jo-Anne over at Beauty & The Books. I have to answer the 11 questions she has posted then tag 11 people to answer 11 questions of my choice... Here goes.....

1. What blog posts do you most enjoy reading?
I love to ready everything really, beauty and non beauty related, I'm open to everything!

2. What was your most memorable holiday?
Trip to HongKong to visit my step dads children and home land, i loved the gold coast but not so much Kowloon, but busy and the weather way way to humid for me...

3. What is your dream job?
Make up artiste to the stars... I'm already a qualified make up artiste but would love to be famous and have a big name for my self as well as travel the world with it!!

4. What is your favourite colour?
Honestly i don't have one but i do love Reds and Purples...

5. What is your favourite nail polish?
At the moment its got to be Models own pink fizz!! love it!!!

6. If you won the lottery what would be the first thing you would buy?
My flat.... or maybe a Louis Vuitton purse to match my bags :0)

7. Whats your favourite hobby?
painting my nails? Does that count?

8. If you could interview anyone living or dead, who would it be and why?
Honestly speaking... My father..... would love to know if hes a live or dean and why he really left and so on...... we have 26 years to catch up on!!

9. Do you have a nickname?
Nardos, Nadz, Nadine & my mum calls me lufa... lol means little piggy in Arabic! (cant believe i just admitted that!!)

10.What was your best subject in school?
Home time! lmaooooo

11. Name your 5 favourite books.
The scholar
A boy called "it"
The butcher, the baker & candle stick maker
why men marry bitches
How to tickle his pickle

My 11 questions to you would be:

1. What made you start blogging & why?

2. Do you have a favourite blogger or blog?

3. what are you 3 staple items you couldn't live with out?

4. What is your all time favourite perfume?

5. What makes you truly happy?

6. Do you blog every day? or when you feel like it?

7. What is your sin food?

8. What is your meaning of the word "Beautiful"?

9. Do you have a strange phobia?

10. What is your pet peeves?

11. What is your all time favourite book?

and now i tag....
1. Jessica

2. Sandra

3. Sam

4. Louise

5. Lucy

6. Lucy

7. sara

8. Alice

9. Louise

10. Siobhan

11. Nina

Hugs N Kisses


  1. Awww only just seen this! Love all the answers, scared to ask what the book how to tickle his pickle was about LOL!!!

  2. lmaooooooo maybe i'll pass the book down to u!! lol its from ann summers lmaooooo made me the professional i am today lmaoooooo only joking..... or am i? lmaooooo