Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Memories Made in silver

My amazing friend Karen Dover is a very talented lady, she has a website called memories made in silver

"Memories forever captured in a beautiful piece of jewellery, created in 99.9% pure silver. A unique and lasting gift for your parents, grandparents, someone special or the person who has everything! The ideal gift for birthdays, christenings, mother or fathers day, anniversaries, engagments, wedding's or any special occasion. 
Anyones fingerprint can be made into silver jewellery, baby, child or adult. Hand and foot casts are now available in either a bronze or pearl opal finish Pottery commissions are a lovely way to remember your wedding day , you choose your piece of pottery decide on the centre design which I paint for you I then ask you to take it to your wedding reception and ask your guests to sign the rim in pencil I then paint over the signatures , glaze and fire the pottery for a lasting memento for you to display...."

Here are a few items Karen has 
made for me for gifts :)
 This was for a friends Birthday
 I asked Karen if she could make me two dog bowls for my little ratbags, & i couldn't be happier with what she made!
These Mugs were gifts for my sister & her husband
This is one of Karens beautiful silver
 necklaces she sent me 
 And my very own Mug 
So fancy something personalised? for yourself or as a gift then get in touch with the lovely karen, her prices are very reasonable and the quality is amazing, she also has a Facebook page Here, I will keep you all updated with new items made for me with pictures.

For prices please contact Karen on: 

Telephone: 01905 755761 or 07747 096264

These are all my own pictures taken by Karen or myself.


  1. You've bought yourself (and others) some lovely things. I agree Karen is very talented and nice and I love her work x

  2. Love the cups and bowls, very cute designs :D


  3. So cute mugs, they were personalised.