Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Beauty Spending Ban!

Hi Beauties! First of all Happy New Year and I wish that 2013 will bring you everything that 2012 didn't, sorry its late but haven't been well at all, but I'm back now!!!
So a group of us on Facebook & Twitter will be doing the 100 Days Spending Ban challenge. I was thinking of doing this challenge for a while now so I decided to start the 100 Days Spending Ban from January 15th, Just like the other girls till the 24th April! I have to admit 100 days is a long time its a little over 3 months, that's a long time but I think I will manage to do it! I'm going to start with 100 Days and if i get through that i will carry it on to the 14th of May so i can get something amazing for my 27th Birthday on the 15th May.
  • I am not allowed to buy any new makeup, nail polishes, skincare, DVDs, Books, candles, underwear, handbags & purces!!
  • I am allowed to repurchase any essential items such as nail polish remover, cotton pads, shampoo, toothpaste etc
  • I am allowed to buy gifts for special occasions such as birthdays
  • I am allowing my self to use up any gift cards and vouchers 
I know this is going to be hard for me but in determined to do this and save some money!!  Are you taking part? Do you have so many beauty items you don't have any where to store them?? I do and this will help me use up loads of face creams, body washes and lipsticks i have tones!!! Would love to read your story :)

Hugs N Kisses


  1. Hope it goes well, happy new year to you too! :) x

  2. Good luck! Nearly through the first week and I've only been tempted a couple of times x