Sunday, 22 April 2012

Beauty Box on Ops...

Beauty Box on Ops

The fabulous Miss Elaine at Lainey Lulu has established Forces Fundraising Events. Elaine is asking kind people like your selves to send a small box of beauty items to those deployed on operations to support our country. it's your choice to make a box up girl or a boy, i've done two, one for a lucky lady and one for a sexy army lad, will also include a small note in each box, witch is optional too. Parcels must not be no more then 2kg and can be sent to the address below and also please mark if its for male or female so they can be sent to the right person.

If you have any questions email -

Beauty Box on Ops
Unit 1
Wayside Farm
Shepton Mallet

Here are the boxes i'll be sending:

Here is a list of suggested items (no aerosols, glass, chocolate or batteries)

Shampoo, conditioner, hair serum, masks
Face wash, exfoliator, face mask
Eye drops
Shower Gel, body exfoliator
Roll on deodorant
Hand cream, foot cream
Moisturisers (tinted too)
Body lotion
Tampax, sanitary towels
Wax strips, razors, shaving oil
Toothbrush, toothpaste
Hand santizers
Sun cream, aftersun
Bug spray
Lip balm
Wipes, tissues
Mascara, eyeliner
cereal bars, biscuits, chewing gum, sweets
Tea, coffee
playing cards

Im hoping if you have the time and would like to help out your countries people this would be a great thing to do! Put a smile on some ones face!!

Hugs N kisses


  1. I've done two as well - such a great idea x

    1. haha im thinking of doing a extra ladies one i have a few extra things :)