Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Michel Mercier Detangling Brush Vs Tangle Teezer!!

Hiya Beauties!
Ever herd of Michel Mercier?? I haven't till about 2 months ago!! So i decided to pick my self up a brush from his website:

They have three types, one for  Normal hair, Fine hair and Thick hair..... I have very curly thick hair so my obvious choice was to pick up the Thick hair one, all three are priced at £14.95, a little steep for a hair brush but i went for it any way. In the past i used my Tangle Teezer but found it hard to use as it always slips out my hand and found the the bristles bend very easy so when i saw this brush i was happy to pay the extra for the same concept but with a handle! I must say i LOVE it!!! Its perfect!!!!Easy to use, doesn't rip out loads of hair stimulates hair growth, im sure my hair has grown an inch or more since using it.
This is now the only brush for me, i use my Tangle teezer on my dogs as its soft and doesn't hurt them & great for getting out their dead hair.

Whats you view on the two brushes? Have you tried them both? Let me know!!

The Secret:

"After years of research into the brushing process, the innovative Michel Mercier brush was born. An exclusive patent involving 428 bristles positioned at different heights with a unique geometric distribution, the brush helps to disperse the pressure placed on the hair during brushing, resulting in easier detangling, reduced hair loss and breakage, and a far more pleasant brushing experience overall.

The brush is available in three color-coded models to suit different hair types: fine, normal and thick, so no matter what your type, thanks to this revolutionary brush everyone everywhere can ‘untangle their day’ with the Michel Mercier detangling hairbrush.

For those who know the pain of brushing, look no further. The Michel Mercier Brush works perfectly with all hair types, from dry colour damaged hair to thick European, Afro and Asian hair textures. Gone are the days of tugging until the brush handle breaks, it glides smoothly through wet or dry hair, curly or straight, and is even gentle enough to tackle hair extensions and real or synthetic wigs."

Hugs N Kisses


  1. Might buy a Michael mercier thx x

    1. well worth the price to be honest and it lasts + helps keep your hair healthy.