Sunday, 1 July 2012

Nixoderm for skin problems!

Nixoderm, Have you tried this? what do you think? was browsing though Ebay as i always do... was looking for something for my skin problems (I have dry patches on my face with the off spot outbreaks and redness), but didn't want to spend a fortune, I then came across this:
At first i thought it looks a little doggy but then i googled some reviews about this and read loads of good things so i through ah why not?! So i went ahead and brought one from HERE. It turned up 2 days later and first thing i did was open it and take a big sniff of it! W.O.W (word of warning) DO NOT DOT THAT! lol brought tears to my eyes. It has a very strong funky fishy/moth ball smell, not very pleasant at all.

benzoic acid 6%, titanium dioxide 10%, salicylic acid 2.5%, menthol 1.1%, precipitated sulphur 4.6%, in a smoothing emollient base.

Instructions: Bathe affected parts in warm water with mild or toilet soap. Apply nixoderm leberally night and morning rub in gently. for delicate skin, dilute with petroleum jelly. 

Due to the strong smell and thick consistance i will only use this before bed, but only on nights the hubby isn't home as he did give me a funny look n asked me if i was trying to get rid off the moths from  the flat! That night i had a huge spot on my chin :( ugly thing big and red, wasn't nice one bit so i stick some of this stuff on and went to bed next day the spot was nearly gone! not red any more nor did it hurt or needed squeezing (i kno i kno your not meant to squeeze spots), i also have two large  patches on my face where its always dry and this stuff is starting to help that nicely :) so in just a few days of having this stuff i give it a 9/10 as it is defiantly a miracle worker on my skin, Cheap and effective only downfall is the smell :) Let me know what you think?! Have you tried this? Cant go wrong for less then  £2.50!

Hugs N Kisses