Wednesday, 27 June 2012

June's Eco-Emi Box

This is my last Box for a while as its getting a little pricey for me :( need to save up for other more important things in my life! But you never know later on in the year i might resub if i can as i do love seeing that little white box in my postmans hand!

First thing that my eyes were draw to was the large purple box!! Vitacare Toothpase, i remember back in our March box we had a tooth brush from this company :) so now i have the set, would be great to take on holiday with me, as i normally use an electric toothbrush this would be easer to carry and store.

1. VitaCare Multicare toothpaste is made from Natural Flavours and is Fluoride free witch is a big yay!! oh double yay its a full size!

2. Body Balm an Organic orchard pear & fig another full size item. This balm can be used on anything on the body, find a dry spot and wip it out and whack it on! Even great on Lips!
3. Rainwater Botanicals Natural Deodrant in Jasmine Wind, This stuff smells amazing!!! OMG cant wait to try this out, you get quite a decent size sample pot :)
4. Eco Tints a Naturally glisting lip moisturizer once again another full size item!!
5. Amazing meal by Amazing grass a pomegranate and mango infusion, This is a powered drink, you can add to your juices, water or even milk as well as your smoothies, great for people on the go and is a good jump-start to your day :)
6. Natural Vitality Dietary supplements one is an Energy one and the other is an Organic life vitamins.
7. Mighty Leaf Iced Tea this is for use with a pitcher or jug not just a small glass, cant wait to try this, i love ice tea :D
8. Pyure an Organic calorie-free, sugar free stevia sweetener, not to into sweeteners but will give this a go.

Hugs N kisses

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